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Slower than Molasses!

June 17, 2016

Dear Partners and Friends,

As the horses in Finn's race approached the first turn in yesterday's race they were going so slow the race announcer said, "Molasses could be leading this group." And he was right. I thought Finn had no hope and that was even BEFORE he had to go five wide turning for home. On that turn, though, you may have seen Finn dig in and cut the corner tightly without fanning out and losing momentum. That was the old Finn we were waiting to see!

This is a picture of Finn early yesterday morning and you can't find a healthier and happier looking horse. One cut up hombre!


I am thrilled to inform you that Keen Ice is back on the track. Ice's two fissure fractures have resolved as has his lameness. I am attaching the positive report from Dr. Bramlage.

And finally, out in Southern California where everything is faster, Bob Baffert trained Irish Freedom breezed three furlongs this week in :35 flat. As Bob's foreman said, "We are teaching him to run fast!" Carry on Team Baffert, carry on!

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