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Ready, Set, Go! Derby Dreams IX

September 15, 2016

Dear Partners and Friends,

Many of you have been reserving space in Derby Dreams IX even though we haven't sent out details. So here you go...the details!

The LLC will be formed the same way as in DDVIII. There will be 200 units available. 20 units will constitute 10%. 10 units will be 5%. 5 units will be 2.5%.

Anyone who owns 5% or more will have the right to a "walking pass" for any Donegal horses in the Kentucky Derby.

As always, we will protect any existing partner before opening DDIX to the waiting list.

EXISTING PARTNERS: Please email me directly ( and indicate your desired number of units.

WAITING LIST: Please email me directly ( and indicate your desired participation level if room exists for you.

Here are target numbers (approximations only) now that we are three days into the sale:

Total capitalization: Four Million (last year 3.6). Approximate unit cost: $20,000.  So 5% equals $200,000. If we spend less than planned the purchase price of units will be reduced in the offering documents next week.


SEPTEMBER 19: Deadline to notify me of your level of participation
SEPTEMBER 21: Subscription Agreements emailed to you for LLC
SEPTEMBER 30: Signed Agreements and Payments Due. (Note: Keeneland charges a very steep interest rate on tardy payments which requires this timeline)

Thanks to all of you for being the best syndicate partners in horse racing. I wish you could all be here in Kentucky to enjoy the respect that the horse racing world has for what all of us have accomplished together!


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