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Donegal Racing Names Conor Crawford Vice President

August 7, 2014


Conor Crawford has been named Vice-President of Donegal Racing according to Donegal Founder and President Jerry Crawford.

“This is really nothing more than giving the title to someone who has been filling this role for quite some time,” said Jerry Crawford, Conor’s father.  “From day one Conor has been one of my closest advisors on Donegal’s creation, development and operations.  The joy I get from having my son at my side in this business is indescribable,” Crawford said.

Conor Crawford graduated with honors from Yale University where he had a history professor encourage him to pursue his passion for racing.  Conor then met former Secretary of the Treasury under George H.W. Bush and Jockey Club President Nick Brady, who encouraged him to apply to Darley Flying Start, the world’s premier training program for future thoroughbred industry leaders, which Crawford graduated from with distinction in July.  Crawford will attend The University of Virginia Law School while assisting Donegal.

“It is a great honor to be named Vice-President of Donegal Racing,” Conor said.  “I have so much respect and affection for our partners that it energizes me to do my best every day for the syndicate. I aim to utilize my international experience to make Donegal Racing America’s leading syndicate year-in and year-out for decades to come. On the legal front, I believe that a law degree will provide the final building block fortifying the foundation of my future work as an American industry leader.”

“Traveling the world with Darley was the experience of a lifetime,” said Conor. “While I was blessed to see and work the industry abroad, I have come full circle to realize how much I truly love American racing and believe in the innate strength of our product.  I am determined to do my part to help it succeed as well.”

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