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June 20, 2016

Dear Partners and Friends,

Remember this email headline from last Tuesday: Better Week Ahead! 

Notice it didn't say, "Bettor week ahead" as yours truly managed to bet the double going into and out of Donegal Moon's race and still not cash a ticket. But who cares?!  As long as we are winning graded stakes races I am a happy camper.

The wins by Finnegan and Moon along with Brother O'Connell only losing by 3 1/2 lengths against older open company: I'd take 52 weeks a year just like that 

We talked Friday about the great win by Finn. Today we focus on Donegal Moon.

The "back story" began early Sunday morning. I had studied the pace scenario and realized Moon would not be near the lead (or shouldn't be at least). I was in the middle of composing a message to Todd P. and J. Bravo when I got a message from Donegal Partner Dr. Tony Infante who, like many of you, is one serious horse race strategist/handicapper. Dr. Tony urged me to tell Todd and Joe to stay on the rail where horses had done best last week and come running at the end. Same conclusion I had come to. I then sent along the message to Todd who bought in and gave the instructions verbatim to Joe B. If you watched the race you know Joe Bravo commended us for the strategy after the race. Sweet! It really does take a village.

Moon, of course, was unaware of all this back and forth. Moon bobbled a bit at the break and instead of sitting about fourth was suddenly at the back of the field. From there he hugged the rail and closed as we hoped he would. Bravo told us after that he could tell he had a ton of horse under him on the far turn and that when he asked him turning for home he knew he was riding the winner.

Moon ran a 93 Beyer yesterday as he is cycling back toward his career top of 99. Neither of those numbers is good enough to win the Haskell unless he shows signs of taking another big step forward. For now the Haskell, Jim Dandy at Saratoga and West Virginia Derby are all on the table. We will put Moon someplace where he can reach high but not someplace he can't reach high enough unless he shows us good reason.


Todd told me yesterday that HY BRASIL is training as well as any two year old he has at Saratoga. GREEN MOON RISING is not yet showing that same level of precocity.  

IRISH FREEDOM (photo by Brad Umansky...thanks Brad) breezed three furlongs IN 35 FLAT this past week out in Southern California. As Bob Baffert says, "We like our horses to run fast and learn to get their legs up underneath them." I guess they do! 

More two year olds are shipping out soon and I will give you the update when we have their travel plans.


So excited to have him back in training.  Todd is eager to get him into his barn.

We are also getting nibbles on Ice's breeding rights and will keep you posted.


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