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Let the Names Begin!

September 18, 2014

Dear Partners and Friends,

The Right Honorable Naming Committee met today for their first official meeting. Given the naming experience of one or more of the naming committee members we are off to a strong start! At the conclusion of the meeting I was authorized to report as follows:

Hip No. 445:  Candy Ride - A.P. Double Cat by A.P. Indy

Leading contender (though not yet chosen) is:  Oatfield. A great stallion name and the name of an Irish Confectioner based in Donegal, Ireland. How cool is that?

Hip No. 568:  Harlan's Holiday - De Aar by Gone West

Where do you end up if you Go West from Ireland? The USA of course. Leading Contender: Patty's Day USA. (St. Patty's Day USA would be too long). Lord Iveagh also a strong name. Lord Iveagh (eye-bee) was an Irishman

who equipped a field hospital during the Anglo Boer War in "De Aar," South Africa.

Hip No. 984: Paddy O'Prado - Wishful Legacy by Lyphards's Wish

The Committee is down to two names:  Paddy's Legacy or Paddy O'Prodigy. Both very cool names.

Okay Partners and Friends, let us know how you like the names above and what other suggestions you have!

Jerry (Staff to the Right Honorable Committee)

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