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Gary Kirke

By Gary Kirke, Partner

We all loved the late Gary Kirke Jr. and his words below mean the world to us.

“Years ago I had a vision that I shared with my Dad: "I want to get a horse in the gate at the Kentucky Derby." We could have gone a million different directions from there but we heard about Derby Dreams from Jerry and figured it gave us our best shot to see this vision through to reality. And, beyond our wildest expectations, it came true! I love the focus that starts with the name "Derby Dreams". Not just "we'll try and win a few races". NO, NO, NO... DERBY DREAMS! It just sounds great rolling off my tongue and to experience the walk around Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May is beyond what words can describe. It's a feeling. And a feeling I would have never felt if I didn't join Donegal Racing and become a part of Derby Dreams. I went to my first Kentucky Derby in 2003 and needed help to read the form. By 2010 I was in a partnership that owned a horse in the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby. “

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